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Juvenile Justice & Child Welfare

Shannon v. Wilson and the Arkansas Dramshop Act of 1999

On January 28, 1995 two young men (both age thirteen) were passengers in a Ford pickup truck driven by another young man age sixteen. The three of them drove up to a drive through window of a liquor store in Fayetteville, Arkansas and purchased a six pack of beer as well as a six pack of malt liquor. They were not asked to provide any proof of age. Sometime later the party stopped at a pool hall in St. Paul, where the sixteen year old exited the vehicle. The remaining boys stayed in the vehicle drinking the rest of the liquor. Eventually they departed. Shortly after 9:00 PM the Arkansas State Police were notified of an accident in Madison County. Upon their arrival at the scene they observed a pickup truck which had left the road, hit a fence, a telephone pole, and finally came to rest after hitting a tree. The two occupants were pronounced dead on the scene.

Professor Gallini explores whether sentencing a juvenile accomplice who played a minimal role in a homicide to life without the possibility of parole is cruel and unusual punishment

The University of Arkansas’s Research Frontiers online magazine recently featured a story about University of Arkansas law professor Brian Gallini. The story focused on Professor Gallini’s visionary research into the United States Supreme Court’s precedent concerning the United States Constitution’s […]

An Overview of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act and the Valid Court Order Exception

The Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA) is a landmark piece of federal legislation that created massive reform and continues to set best practices for the care and custody of children involved in the juvenile system. Last approved by […]

Things to Know Before You Go to Juvenile Court in Arkansas

Juvenile Law is a niche practice. Attorneys new to the juvenile justice system should recognize that a command of the rules of criminal law, procedure and evidence are necessary to the practice but not sufficient. One must have a working knowledge of the […]

Understanding Risk Assessment in Arkansas Juvenile Court: Tips for the Practitioner in a Time of Change

The juvenile justice system in Arkansas has changed substantially in the past century. Recently, the legislature has focused its efforts on reducing the commitment of juvenile offenders. In 1989, the Arkansas Senate found that the number of juveniles committed to Youth Services Centers was quickly increasing and […]