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Family Law

The Arkansas “mini-RFRA” is bad policy

This article submits two main arguments.[5] First, it posits that the passage of a State “mini-RFRA” bill intensifies the necessity for an amendment to the Arkansas Civil Rights Act to provide Statewide prohibitions against discrimination in housing, employment, and places of public accommodation on the bases of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

Mediation of Divorce Disputes — Is This the Solution?

The concern about litigating child issues in a divorce action has been around for many years. The concern has led some to suggest and organize mediation programs. Many of these efforts were at the local level rather than state-wide action. Many of these mediation […]

Arkansas and the War Between the States: Civil Unions and Same Sex Marriage

One hundred and fifty years ago this country was embroiled in a bitter debate over whether the institution of slavery was compatible with democratic principles that recognized the inalienable right of people to be free. This debate led to the most brutal war in […]

Post Divorce Fighting – Can It Be Predicted? Divorce and Children at Risk

Few psychologists or psychiatrists would question the fact that many children of divorce suffer the effects of the loss of a parent. In the 2003 Law Notes, I wrote on this topic in more detail. The first four pages here are just a summary of […]

Children and Divorce: A Bad Combination and How to Make it Better

When I started to teach Domestic Relations five years ago, I became interested in the effect of divorce on children, if any. As part of an independent study, a student, Diana Hewitt-Ladd, found a number of psychological and psychiatric studies […]