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Robert Laurence

Common-law Exemptions

I am always fascinated by how little I know about the law.  Rather simple-looking legal concepts can turn out to be remarkably complex, and every now and then I discover something new about the law that is roughly equivalent to […]

Some Practical Advice About Taking Security Interests in Gemstones, Accompanied by a Theoretical Discussion of the Negotiability of Goods, New and Used

The theoretical difficulty with taking a security interest in gemstones lies in the emphasized words from § 9-320(a) of the Uniform Commercial Code, which is, of course, Ark. Code Ann. §4-9-320(a): “. . . a buyer in the ordinary course […]

Cowboys and Vegetarians: The Proposed “ American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act”

There is before the United States House of Representatives a bill – H.R. 857 – that would ban the slaughter of horses in the U.S. for their meat, and that would ban the export of horses for slaughter.  Such a […]