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Kathryn Sampson

Insurance, Misrepresentation, Causation, and Statutory Rescission

Arkansas’s rescission statute, Arkansas Code Annotated § 23-79-107, codifies misrepresentation law and is relevant to applications for life or health insurance. Section 23-79-107 becomes an issue when a policy holder of a life or health insurance policy makes a claim for benefits. The carrier engages […]

Mouse II: Public Policy Issues in Arkansas Insurance Law

This set of annotations was developed in the context of an insurance survey course taught at the University of Arkansas School of Law in the spring of 2008. The course enrollment was capped at 32 students; 16 volunteered to participate in “the Mouse […]

Nonprofit Risk; Nonprofit Insurance

Volunteerism provides an outlet for talented individuals to give back to the community. One potential impediment to volunteer activity, however, is the potential for legal liability.  Two primary areas of concern include 1) the vulnerability of the nonprofit organization itself, and 2) the status and potential […]