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Carol Goforth

I understand C and S Corporations, but what are B Corporations?

I was teaching Business Lawyering Skills one Saturday morning, with the assistance of a distinguished guest speaker who has helped me before with my experiential learning class. In the midst of her presentation about various resources that might be available […]

Teaching in a Summer Abroad Program

I am aware that some of my colleagues, and certainly some students and probably some of our alumni and other members of the practicing bar, regard this kind of program as a grand boondoggle and an opportunity for students to earn law school credit for travel abroad, with little “real” work involved, not to mention an opportunity for faculty members to travel at the institution’s expense. That could not be further from the truth!

A Review of Piercing the Veil Cases in Arkansas

Piercing the veil is an equitable doctrine developed at common law, which under certain circumstances allows a court to order that the separate legal existence of a business entity be disregarded. Originally, the doctrine was designed to allow creditors and […]

The Model Registered Agents Act – A Word (or two) to the Wise

In 2007, Arkansas became one of the very first states to adopt the Model Registered Agents Act, (the “Act”), a piece of model legislation that had recently been proposed by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (“NCCUSL”) and the American Bar Association (the “ABA”). […]

Time for Another New Business Statute: The Case for the Uniform Limited Partnership Act

Arkansas has always been willing to carefully consider the merits of uniform legislation promulgated by such organizations as  the National Conference of Commissions on Uniform State Law (NCCUSL). Consider our partnership statutes.  In 1941, Arkansas adopted the Uniform Partnership Act, […]

Arkansas Code § 18-116-1101: A Challenge to the Constitutionality and Desirability of Arkansas’ Criminal Eviction Statute

Allow me to introduce you to the case of Terrence Tenant.  Mr. Tenant is a low-income tenant in an apartment located somewhere in the state of Arkansas.  As is not uncommon in low income housing, certain repairs to his apartment […]