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Ethical Advertising for Lawyers: Is it time to update your ads?

By · October 9, 2010 · 2010 Ark. L. Notes 125
In categories: Legal Ethics

There are essentially five rules in Arkansas that govern advertising by lawyers. Rules 7.1 through 7.5 of the Arkansas Rules of Professional Conduct:

Rule 7.1 Communications concerning a lawyer’s services
Rule 7.2 Advertising
Rule 7.3 Direct contact with prospective clients
Rule 7.4 Communication of fields of practice and specialization
Rule 7.5 Firm names and letterheads

The scope of this essay will be limited to an examination of Rules 7.1 and 7.2. I will discuss these two rules as they existed before the 1999 amendments and as they exist today. I will then discuss some examples of lawyer advertising in light of these rules in their current forms. Finally, I will make a plea for Arkansas lawyers to examine their advertisements in light of these rules in order to foster compliance.

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