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Post Divorce Fighting – Can It Be Predicted? Divorce and Children at Risk

By · October 11, 2008 · 2008 Ark. L. Notes 171
In categories: Family Law

Few psychologists or psychiatrists would question the fact that many children of divorce suffer the effects of the loss of a parent. In the 2003 Law Notes, I wrote on this topic in more detail. The first four pages here are just a summary of that discussion. Anything society can do to reduce the stresses of divorce should be undertaken. This article discusses research I have done suggesting two factors that can be found in the divorce file that predict over seventy percent of the parents who are going to fight after the divorce. The beauty of these two factors is that they can be found in the file within the first thirty days. We have in this state Section 9-12-322 where the judge can order parents into mediation or parenting classes. It is submitted here that this is all too late.

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