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Books for Lawyers from 2007 A Very Subjective View of the Scribes Prize Nominees

By · October 11, 2008 · 2008 Ark. L. Notes 189
In categories: Legal Education, Legal Research

In 2006, I first shared my notes on the prize nominees for the national Scribes Prize for the best legal book of 2005. No one complained in two years, and I’m doing it again.

Waves of new law books are published each year, many of them interesting to the lawyer but few of them reaching lawyers’ bookshelves. In part this gap comes from the scope of publishing: it takes valuable time to consider all the new books. And, it comes from problems of access: even though Amazon or Barnes & Noble sell nearly everything online, it is rare for most of such specialized books to reach the local bookstores. So, for the busy lawyer, browsing for interesting new law books is a rather unlikely chore.

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