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Learning From Real Estate Lore

By · October 14, 2007 · 2007 Ark. L. Notes 265
In categories: Business Law, Real Estate Law

[E]very once in a while, the law can be fun!  Not loud, frolicking fun—but the quiet fun of intellectual games. Not the exhilaration of biking and hiking—but the excitement of exploring and discovering.

In form, this is a book review. More essentially, however, this is a reflection on how lawyers evolve into that peculiar breed we know as real estate lawyers. Let me explain how the reflection eventually came to overshadow the review.

I was immediately attracted to Harris Ominsky’s Real Estate Lore: Modern Techniques and Everyday Tips for the Practitioner, and I decided that it would be an ideal book review subject. The book was published in 2006, and I hoped to have the review ready for last year’s Law Notes. When I missed that window of opportunity, I set the project aside. I was uncertain whether I should complete a review of a book that was more than a year in print and that consisted of so many discrete essays on specialized aspects of real estate law. Yet something about the book beckoned me back to it.

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